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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is an important system to your car all year round, whether it’s for keeping you cool in the summer or demisting windows during the winter. The trained technicians at Local Garage will ensure that your air conditioning is working efficiently, and will clean or recharge the system if needed. As air conditioning checks are not part of your car’s annual service, it is up to you to have it checked. Local Garage recommends you to get your air conditioning serviced once a year. If you think your ventilation system is not working well give us a call today.

Other added value Services

Local Garage understand what is best for your car but also for you, keeping you in comfort and safety. Some services are excluded from manufacturer service schedules and of course our technicians can guarantee that every part of your car will be serviced and repaired to the highest standard our additional range of services include:

  • Brake fluid changes
  • Winter optimisation and anti-freeze
  • Bacterial and pollen filters
  • 4-wheel alignment
  • Tyre checks
  • Lighting checks and bulb replacement


Make sure your vehicle meets all road safety and environmental standards. Book in advance or use our ‘while you wait’ service.

Try us for tyres with a free health check

New tyres and tyre repair including branded to budget, seasonal, 4×4 to speed rating.


Free inspections for your exhaust system

Whether your exhaust needs replacing or repairs, LG can deliver a great service.


Hot or cold – Is your vehicle ready?

Whatever the season make sure you and your car are prepared for Winterisation or Air Conditioning and climate filters.