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Competitive local tyre and exhaust replacement

Free check for your tyres

Ensuring the condition of your tyres are well maintained is critical to your vehicle’s efficiency and your personal safety. Tyres with wear and tear lead to reduced grip and handling. They also have a serious impact on your vehicle’s stopping distance. Local Garage will ensure that your vehicle is road-safe and legal.

Local Garage will pair your tyres to suit you and your car’s needs, including seasonal tyres, budget, premium, high speed, endurance etc. This applies to all makes and models. Ask for quote or pop in for a free health check

Free inspection for yours exhausts

Local Garage will keep your vehicle exhaust running cleanly, quietly and efficiently. With vehicle emission controls becoming tighter, no matter the age of your vehicle emissions testing is an inherent part of MOT checks.

Many cars and LCVs have complex exhaust systems. Our expert technicians understand exhaust systems and their potential problems, whereas a quick-fix can lead you to subsequent costly problems. Your exhaust systems should be check at least once a year, or every 10,000 km. We will complete an inspection free of charge and then repair or replace as necessary. Ask for quote or pop in for a free health check


Make sure your vehicle meets all road safety and environmental standards. Book in advance or use our ‘while you wait’ service.


Hot or cold – Is your vehicle ready?

Whatever the season make sure you and your car are prepared for Winterisation or Air Conditioning and climate filters.



Small fleet servicing specialist

Running a business can be stressful, let LG care for your small fleet with our maintenance programme.



Lowest local prices for you

Local Garage can be up to 50% off main dealership prices and other local service providers.